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Vegan Buddha Bowls 100% Vegan

Vegan Buddha Bowls are a type of meal that consists of a combination of protein-rich foods such as pulses and vegetables. The name "Buddha Bowl" comes from the fact that this type of meal is usually served in a bowl and contains a balanced mix of nutrients necessary for a healthy diet. Vegan Buddha Bowls are particularly popular with vegans and vegetarians as they offer a good way to eat a balanced diet without consuming animal products.

What are Vegan Buddha Bowls?

What do vegan Buddha Bowls have to do with Buddha ?
You've probably come across the term Buddha Bowl while looking for a bowl restaurant or browsing through bowl recipes.
Was the Buddha Bowl one of Buddha's favorite dishes? Or what does Buddha have to do with Buddha Bowls?
The Buddha Bowl is apparently already so popular that it even has an entry in the Urban Dictionary. According to this, the Buddha Bowl is a bowl that is so full that it has a round belly like Buddha.

We will clarify the extent to which this theory is correct later.

Let's start with the basic facts.

The Buddha Bowl is usually served cold. It should both fill you up and look good and, where possible, be based on plant-based ingredients, i.e. vegan. It often contains a base mixed with fresh herbs, such as rice, quinoa, couscous, amaranth, potatoes or buckwheat. Plant-based proteins are also essential. These include lentils, tofu, chickpeas, tempeh strips or falafel balls.
The vegetables draped on top can be raw, roasted, baked, steamed, marinated or even caramelized.

Of course, the perfect dressing is also a must. Hummus variations, guacamole, vegan yoghurt sauce or vinaigrette are ideal.
If you like and are looking for the perfect finishing touch, you can choose from a variety of toppings. In addition to fresh sprouts or sesame seeds, chopped nuts are also ideal. ย ย 

The best ratio is 30% proteins, 20% carbohydrates, 10% healthy fats and 40% vitamins. However, the practical thing is that you can adapt your bowl to your needs. If you do endurance sports, for example, you can change the ratios and add more carbohydrates to your bowl to meet your needs.

You can also eat seasonally and regionally. And if you ever have too many leftovers that are threatening to go bad in your fridge, you can simply conjure up a Buddha Bowl from your leftovers.
Now let's come back to our initial question. What does this bowl have to do with Buddha?

There are various attempts to explain this, some of which sound more plausible and some more abstruse.

You may have heard that a balanced diet is considered the cornerstone of Buddhism. It is said that Buddhists live up to this claim by eating what we know as the Buddha Bowl.

Other sources claim that Buddha is said to have carried a bowl and filled it with all the vegetarian things that the inhabitants of villages etc. gave him.

However, there are also sources that attempt pragmatic explanations. The so-called oryoki set consists of bowls of different sizes, the largest of which is called the Buddha Bowl. Oryoki is a meditative and ritualized form of eating from Zen Buddhism. It places great emphasis on gratitude for the food and the enjoyment of each individual component.
If you eat the bowl, you are so happy and nourished that it makes your soul smile. At least that is the promise of the Buddhists.
Will you also make your soul smile with Buddha Bowls?